About us

About us

About UriTouch

UriTouch aims to transform the way people manage their uric acid. It’s very accessible and easy to use which means that those with uric acid problems can make adjustments to their lifestyle without having to visit the doctor multiple times.

Patients that used to suffer from high uric acid don’t have to live in fear guessing what their number might be. UriTouch tells you exactly where you stand with your health so you can tweak your habits along the way.

The test strips have been tested for high levels of accuracy, with the most advanced testing standards. Uritouch has been proven to be consistently accurate as it follows all ISO standards during the manufacturing process.

UriTouch is committed to bringing ease and accessibility to patients with uric acid problems. It’s been designed and manufactured with safety and high standards in mind. It’s user-friendly which allows you to have a better approach to managing your uric acid levels.

UriTouch continues to support all patients living with uric acid problems around the world. Our promise is to help patients manage their condition better. This means they are not just limited by the diagnostic tests offered by their health care providers. They too can take charge of their own health.

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